More Beer Fest – Insomniac Coffee Stout

Best. Beer. Ever. Insomniac Coffee Stout by Uncle Billy’s Beer.

Seriously, this was by far the best beer I had at the festival. It was also the first beer I tasted when we arrived, mostly because their tent was among the first few right inside the gate, and they had the word “stout” written on a big sign. I had never heard of Uncle Billy’s before arriving at the festival, but apparently they have a barbecue joint/brewery on Barton Springs Road here in Austin (though I’ve somehow never noticed it before).

The beer was really smooth, had a great flavor, wasn’t too strong, but it wasn’t flat or boring, either. It’s brewed with coffee from a local coffee shop called Austin Java. It also wasn’t one of those super heavy dark beers that makes you want to take a nap and never eat again after you drink half a glass, which was really nice.

Rating: 5.0/5.0 stars!

Name: Insomniac Coffee Stout

Brewery:  Uncle Billy’s Beer

Location: Austin, Texas


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