Rogness – Yogi Chai Spiced Amber

Rogness Brewing Company is quickly becoming my favorite beer company.

I was at Mohawk’s for a concert last Saturday night, and there was some beer on tap called “Yogi – Chai Spiced Amber“. I thought that Rogness’s Rogtoberfest beer was going to be on tap, but it wasn’t. So this amber beer was intriguing.

It was really good! It tasted exactly how I expected – a good amber beer that had kick of chai. It was almost like mixing the two, but not in a gross kind of way. The chai spices were really more prominent in the aftertaste.  They were not subtle, but it wasn’t overbearing.  It was an interesting beer, and if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this is really good.

I didn’t take any photos of this beer mostly because I didn’t think of it and wasn’t anticipating trying something new that evening, and the concert we saw was amazing, but horribly, horribly sad. I’m pretty sure that band created the term ’emo’.  Mohawk’s is a great venue, though.  They don’t have a huge beer selection, but if you’re looking for a few local things on tap and some good music, your chances are pretty good here.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Name: Yogi (Chai Spiced Amber)

Brewery: Rogness Brewing Company

Location: Austin, Texas


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