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New Amazing Thing!

Just a quick post for this afternoon… A friend found this and sent it to me. IT’S AWESOME. You should check it out. I’m going to get one.


I’m going to have more updates later this week, so check back soon!


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Pint Night and Two Reviews!

Some friends recently decided that there was something vital missing in all of our lives: a weekly meeting that involved friends and lots of beer.  Thus began Pint Night. The plan was to meet at a different bar each week, try new beer, have some laughs, make some great friends, and have some fun.  Best. Idea. Ever.

The first week we met up at The Draught House Pub & Brewery.  We went on a particularly busy night, and the line was a bit ridiculous.  The place is also very small inside, but it has a great patio-type area with plenty of places to rest your beer of choice.  It was rather cold outside that night, but there are heaters outside, which helped a lot.  Those tiny details aside, everything was great!

I saw a cappuccino stout on the menu and asked about it once I got to the bar.  They were already out of it, but the bartender recommended a coffee stout from a different brewery (I unfortunately did not catch the name), but it was VERY good.  The bartenders here seem to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  There are also at least 70 different beers available at any given time.  So this is the place in Austin to go to if you want a variety or want to try something new.

This week’s Pint Night took place at Easy Tiger on 6th Street.  I like the atmosphere of this place.  There are two levels to this place.  On the main floor (which is level with 6th Street), they have a tiny bakery with pretzels and different kinds of bread. Downstairs is the pub. They also have a nice outdoor area, but it’s nicer when it’s not freezing outside.  They have a decent selection of beers, and there was also this strange contraption  sitting proudly in the middle of the bar:

Pint Nights and Beer Blog Photos

I’m still not entirely positive how this all works, but this thing is called Randall the Enamel Animal.  It is an “organoleptic hop transducer module” which sounds like something from a Doctor Who episode. You hook it up to the tap, fill it with stuff (in this case it appears to be more hops), and it basically filters the beer through that stuff as it’s being poured. Personally, that sounds terrible. I’m not a fan of super hoppy beers. The grassy flavor just doesn’t do it for me. The other guys were super excited about it, though, and they definitely were a fan of the beer.

The beer I chose: Left Hand Milk Stout

Pint Nights and Beer Blog Photos

I’ve had this beer before.  It’s GREAT! It’s really smooth, kind of creamy, a little sweet, has a nice full flavor, but it’s not too strong. It’s also very drinkable.  It isn’t extremely thick or heavy.  I highly recommend it.

Rating: 4.7/5.0 stars

Name: Left Hand Milk Stout

Brewery:  Left Hand Brewing Company

Location: Longmont, Colorado

**Also worth noting is the beer cheese at Easy Tiger.  IT’S AMAZING. They have great pretzels and pretty good sausage, too.  I think everyone left quite happy.

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