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Nefarious, Indeed.

A few weeks ago we had our weekly Pint Night at a place called Hopfields.  The name reminds me of New Braunfels, in that I never know where the ‘s’ goes (Braunfels, Braunsfel… Hopsfield, Hopsfields, you get the point).  I stopped calling it by its real name, and I’ve been secretly calling it “Hipsterfield.” It’s actually a pretty swanky, slightly romantic and quirky bar and restaurant, and it would be a great date night place. It was a not so great Pint Night place.  It just wasn’t what we expected at all.  We’re a bunch of folks who usually go to a pub and get a little loud by the end of the evening.  This night was no exception, unfortunately.  But that’s a completely different story and blog.

Regardless, the beer selection was great!  Unfortunately their beer menu was nearly impossible to read, especially under candlelight:

Hopfields beer menu

Luckily they use this nifty app called Taplister.  I’ll post about this site/app soon in more detail, but basically it lists all the beers they have on tap with short descriptions.  I ended up not using it, however, because when I arrived, one of the guys had just ordered something and he said to try it.  So I did, and I immediately decided I should drink that.  I discovered that it was appropriately named Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter.  It’s quite a bit different than the milk stouts I’ve been drinking lately, and with a name like “nefarious,” how could I resist?  This beer was very, very dark, extremely strong, and it hits you surprisingly fast.  I had one beer, and that was more than enough for me. It was pretty smooth, though not quite as thick and creamy as a milk stout. It definitely had a kick. Oh, and when I mentioned it being strong, the ABV is 8%.  So, it had a big kick.

Their website says that it has a “strong bitter chocolate with a hint of coffee” flavor.  I could definitely taste the coffee more so than the chocolate, and it was a bit bitter. But overall, it was a really good beer, and I’ll probably order it again, though probably not at Hipsterfield.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Name: Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter
Brewery: Ska Brewing
Location: Durango, Colorado


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